First Person

I’m Rich Arnold, a Design Manager for Stories at Instagram, based in New York City.

I joined as the first designer at ↗ Instagram New York which has since grown to be one of our largest design offices.

Previously, I was Head of Design at ↗ Vine where I supported the Design and Marketing teams. Among other things, we expanded Vines beyond 6 seconds, launched a recommended feed, and added sound editing. My favorite Vine? “And they were roommates.”

At FreeAssociation and Huge I redesigned ↗ Cornell's website to showcase life on campus, reimagined the wedding registry for ↗ Target, and built a new shop for ↗ Mondo. We also partnered with Google on some secret work so 🤫 or whatever.

My career began in publishing at St. Martin’s Press where I’d hoped to design the next The Sun Also Rises, but it seems there are far more paranormal romance ↗ novels out there than one realizes.

In my free time I write about New York, run a bunch of miles at a reasonable pace, and make ↗ playlists.

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